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Why do you have a blog and why should I listen to you?

After struggling with my own weight issues from both a fat kid’s point of view and a skinny kid trying to build muscle, I’ve spent years putting in the time and the effort to learn what works and what is the most up to date science we have today. I practice everything I teach and live my life by my passions and love every minute of it. My goal is to help as many people as I can to show them how they can take control of their own bodies for their entire life and avoid making the same mistakes that I did.

Are you a Personal Trainer?

Simply put, yes. I am certified under BCRPA, and Shredded by Science Academy graduate and I also have my CSNA (Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor). I own my own Delta Personal Training Company, JamesonWolff Fitness Systems located in the lower mainland of Vancouver in BC, near Delta and Surrey. I run my programs in a basement studio that has been built up over the years into a gym that can virtually get anyone the body they’re looking for. Putting it bluntly I don’t like Big Box Corporate Gyms and I prefer to workout in my own private studio. Training people in this private setting is much less intimidating and there is never a piece of equipment being used by someone else. In the near future I plan on opening my own industrial gym or expanding so I can help even more people achieve their physique and health goals.

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How are you different?

Unfortunately the majority of the “big box” trainers now a day are more interested in how many packages they can sell and how much revenue they can bring in rather then how many people they can help accomplish their goals and what methods are the best for each individual. At JamesonWolff Fitness Systems all our programs are goal oriented and are based off 4-5 phases in which we utilize for each individual fitness level and targeted goal. I put in the time to keep up with the latest training methods and I’m always finding new ways to make client results faster and more efficient. On top of training, I specialize in Sports Nutrition and find it to be one of my favorite parts in physique transformation as its not just about the workout, its about how you live your life. Modestly put, I’m a trainer who truly cares about my clients and their results and live what I preach. How can someone truly teach another passionately if they can’t or don’t even do it themselves? Delta Personal Training

I also have been fortunate enough to be featured on the hit TV show Empowered Health on CHEK TV which is featured in the Vancouver Sun Newspaper.

What are your rates?

Considering each client gets private hands on training that includes the most up to date training and nutrition protocols currently offered I am quite affordable. Of course, there are program options and based off your current fitness level and lifestyle we can choose the best option for you, I will never over sell you anything that isn’t in the best interest for your goals. For more information on training rates and other services offered you can contact me here or visit the Pricing Page here. We are open about our rates with full disclosure; there is nothing to hide.

What do you do on a daily basis?

I’m usually up early (6am) to get a good start on the day which includes checking emails, answering client questions, making awesome videos, and lots of research related to fitness and nutrition. I resistance train usually 4-5 days a week and do cardio 2-3 times. Cardio may consist of Metabolic Resistance Circuits, prowler pushes, tire flipping, or dead tread intervals. I also perform stretching, foam rolling, and mobility work almost everyday. I train clients in the morning and late in the evening. On top of this I spend my time eating, preparing food, writing, designing programs, consulting, and I enjoying watching a good movie a few times a week as I am not a big TV watcher. I try to maintain a balance between training, work, and fun. For fun I enjoy hiking, fishing, off-roading, and other adventurous activities; I always have time for girlfriends and friends.

What’s your favourite muscle building exercise?

That’s a hard one. For the most part I stay away from machines, as there aren’t any in my gym, so I mainly stick to free weights, bodyweight, and other auxiliary equipment. It does not take complicated machinery to build muscle but it does take the right amount of progression, load, muscular contraction, and specific exercise methods. I like a wide range of compound exercises like deadlifts, squats, T-bar rows, and Dumbbell pressing movements. Each can use a huge variety of variations and are extremely effective when performed correctly and with the right tempo.

What’s your favourite form of cardio?

Cardio is a an interesting subject, as I don’t believe cardio should be our main tool when fat loss is our main objective. Don’t get me wrong it does help (especially when extremely lean) but not nearly the same as proper whole food nutrition and progressive resistance training. For the main reasons of cardio vascular health and maximized fat loss I prefer a more fun, interval style method such as hill sprints, tire flipping, metabolic resistance circuits, rope battling, sprint variations, and prowler pushes. The higher intensity shorter duration cardio also maximizes muscle retention, and after all, that is our goal in both fat loss and muscle building.


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