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Competing in a physique competition can be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you can take on. It will test the full limits of both your mind and body and can teach you things about yourself you never thought imaginable.

Training and eating for contest prep does NOT need to be torture and require dramatic sacrifices that many competitors think it does. Prepping smarter and not always harder is the key and that is why we use Evidence based methods to avoid unhealthy bodies, uncontrollable rebounds and unnecessary methodologies to achieve physiques of greatness.

My evidence based approach towards contest prepping includes:

  • Flexible Dieting including mainly whole foods but also some other foods you enjoy to avoid unhealthy binges and rebounds and increased dietary adherence
  • Progressive resistance training tailored to your physique goals, competition class, training experience, and current lifestyle
  • MINIMUM cardio required to attain proper conditioning
  • Only the most well researched and effective supplementation to give you that competitors edge
  • NO water cutting
  • NO sodium cutting


Past Competitors

sandra wickham 2014


Marc achieved 3rd place as a natural athlete in his first ever, non-tested show in the lightweight bodybuilding division

Knight Of Champions 2015

Natalie tied for 1st place and achieved 2nd placing by 1 point as a natural athlete in her first ever Bikini competition in the tall category at the 2015 Knight Of Champions


Knight Of Champions 2015

Knight Of Champions 2015


















Katelyn, 1 year after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, placed in the Top 5 as a natural athlete in the Bikini middle category at the 2015 Knight Of Champions