My Fitness Journey

After struggling with my own weight issues from both an overweight kid’s point of view and a skinny kid trying to build muscle, I’ve spent years putting in the time and the effort to learn what works and what is the most up to date science we have today. I practice everything I teach and live my life by my passions and love every minute of it.

Many ventures into fitness and nutrition stem from our deep insecurities about how we look and feel. Over the years I’ve learned how self-care and self-love through progressive physical activity and nutrition can have on our self-image and how we look at the world and treat others. It’s not just about working out and looking hot but stems much deeper into how we perceive the world.

My goal is to help people empower themselves by showing them how they can listen and take control of their own bodies relative to their entire life. All while adhering to their programs and avoiding making the same mistakes that I did.

Private Coaching Sessions

JamesonWolff Fitness Systems are located in North Delta in a private training gym. Training people in this private environment is much less intimidating and there is never a piece of equipment being used by someone else.

Personal Training Approach

We can help accomplish your goals by taking an in-depth perspective of your current lifestyle and provide you with an evidence-based approach that is both effective and balanced for your individual needs.
At JamesonWolff Fitness Systems all our Nutrition and Training programs are goal oriented and are based off 4-5 phases. These reach targeted goals for each individual fitness & experience level. Staying up to date on the latest Nutrition and Training allows me to find new & effective ways to make client results faster and more efficient.

Sports Nutrition

Evidence-based Sports Nutrition is one of my biggest passions in physique transformations. It is so intimately involved with not only your performance but your total well-being.  Your Physical Activity, your Sleep, and your Nutrition are so interwoven that it has become very significant in my coaching programs.


If you resonate with what I speak about and /or are ready to begin making change in your life please don’t hesitate to set up a free phone consultation. We will discuss your goals, expectations, availability, and the programs recommended for you.

My rates are designed around specific programs for each individual’s goals and availability. Typically, the longer and more sessions we do together the cheaper it is per session. Programs can be arranged for a single session, or in a one, three, six, or twelve month program.

Monthly Hybrid Coaching is also available!
So it really depends on what you’re looking for as an individual.

The Process

Once you get started in my programs we first start with an in-depth 1 hour long fitness assessment where we cover the following:

  1. Body composition (lean body mass vs. fat mass)
  2. Blood pressure and body part girth measurements
  3. Cardiovascular health/endurance level
  4. Postural analysis
  5. Muscular skeletal dysfunction and mobility testing
  6. Body movement/motor unit pattern screen

After the assessment, I then design your program based on your results and goals including a resistance training program, cardio program, and mobility and soft tissue program.

The resistance training portion of your program is the most complex, higher risk, and effective part of your program so that is the part we usually do together for an hour each time you come in.

I will closely teach you how to implement the custom program, food prep tips, and how to use tracking programs for accuracy. This is to create freedom for you to customize your own plans for long term success and adherence.

Adhere to the program with one-on-one personal training, nutrition coaching & online coaching

All questions are highly encouraged!


I am certified under BCRPA, and Shredded by Science Academy graduate and I also have my CSNA (Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor).



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